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Christ’s Claims Are Rejected

John 10:22-42 This passage marks the end of John’s presentation of Christ’s public ministry. For more than three years Jesus traveled throughout Israel preaching the Gospel, confronting the hypocritical religious leaders, instructing His disciples and performing miracles to confirm He was the Messiah. But tragically, the nation of Israel, led by her religious leaders, rejected…

The Good Shepherd and His Sheep

John 10:1-21 Last time we were in John chapter nine where the man born blind was healed by Jesus. Because he would not vilify Jesus before the Pharisees, but accepted Christ as the Messiah he was put out of the synagogue. Jesus found him and ministered to him when the Pharisees would not. In Israel…

One Thing I Know

John 9 On June 27, 1880, a child was born in Alabama. She was struck with “fever of the brain and stomach.” Her parents were relieved when after a few days the ordeal was over but when the mother went through the daily routine of bathing the little girl, she noticed that the child’s eyes…

Failing to See the Light

John 8:12-59 John chapters seven through ten forms a unit where the events all take place at the Jewish Feast of Tabernacles. This feast commemorates the wilderness wanderings and God’s faithfulness to Israel by directing and sustaining the nation during their 40-year sojourn in a very inhospitable land, during which the pillars of fire and…

Crude Sins and Smooth Stones

John 8:1-11 As a pastor, my job often involves counseling. I cannot think of any sin that is more painful and far-reaching in its consequences or more difficult to forgive than adultery. A look of lust can move rapidly to sexual infidelity, emptying out into a confluence of personal tragedy. The woman caught in adultery…