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Don’t Suffer Alone

Psalm 73 Fog covering a ten-city-block area one hundred feet deep is composed of only a few dozen gallons of water divided into tiny uniform droplets about 1/1000 (0.001) of an inch in diameter. On average there is one droplet in each cubic inch of fog, nothing compared to the tons of moisture dumped in…

God’s Cure for Our Cares

Philippians 4:6, 7 In October of 1929, James Cash Penney opened a store in the state of Delaware, which meant he now had stores in every state in the union. The number would eventually grow to 2,500 stores! But just two weeks later the stock market crashed and erased everything he had built over two…

Clarifying Questionable Matters Part 6

Romans 15 In our study on unity, we have learned the difference between doctrinal matters and doubtful matters. We’ve learned that we are to separate from this ungodly worldly system, unbelieving religious leaders and unrepentant sinning brothers. We’ve discussed the continuum of license, liberty, and legalism and we have studied four commands found in Romans…

Accept One Another Without Discriminating Part 5

Romans 15:7-13  The Olympic Games of 1936 were held in Hitler’s Germany. The American entry in the broad jump was a black man named Jesse Owens. The German entry was Luz Long, a blond, blue-eyed athlete. Hitler desperately wanted Long to win to support his propaganda about the “master race.” In the trials Jesse Owens did poorly.…

Serve One Another Without Fainting Part 4

Romans 15:1-6 If church historian Oscar Cullmann and others are right, some of the early Christian martyrs (including Peter and Paul) were killed because of a lack of unity resulting in jealous strife among members of the church in Rome! According to history, the rivalry was so bitter that some of the brethren turned in…