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When God Gets Mad

John 2:13-25 Alec Baldwin has anger issues. He was arrested for punching another driver in the face after his victim took a parking spot that he wanted in Manhattan. Baldwin has fought with reporters, been kicked off airlines, and screamed at his daughter calling her a “spoiled fat pig.” There are video compilations of his…

The Bridegroom Comes to The Wedding

John 2:1-11 What is a miracle? It is an event that is supernatural, that suspends the laws of nature. A miracle is not a violation of natural laws, but an occurrence that transcends natural laws. There are four Greek words that describe miracles: “Dunamis” emphasizes the power of God; “Teras” underscores the wonder of God’s…

The Lamb of God

John 1:19-51 The ancient world had seen many great men: feared leaders like Alexander the Great; judicious lawgivers like Hammurabi; profound thinkers like Socrates; religious leaders like Moses and David. But the greatest of all men lived in obscurity far from the seats of power and influence. He was not educated or wealthy and by…

The Incarnation of the Son of God

John 1:1-18 In a formal introduction, a writer or announcer seeks to create interest, establish credibility, and set the stage for the guest of honor or speaker. The first five verses of John’s Gospel are a prologue or introductory statement. In these brief but profound verses we are introduced to the Pre-Incarnate Word before we…

Introduction to the Gospel of John

John 1:1-3, 14 Today we begin a new series through the book of John and as we begin, we need to understand the author and time period as well as the background and theme of the book. Although John’s name does not appear in his gospel account early church tradition consistently identifies John as the…