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Christ Offers Comfort For Troubled Hearts

John 14:1-14 John 14 opens and closes with our Lord’s loving admonition, “Let not your heart be troubled.” The word “troubled” is “tarasso” meaning “to shake up or stir up,” used to describe the stirring up of the waters at the pool of Bethesda (John 5:7). It speaks of severe mental or spiritual agitation. Of…

Two of Jesus’ Saddest Predictions

John 13:18-38 Traitor is an ugly word in any language. Few people who are more despised than those who betray country, cause, or trust. The most infamous traitor in American history is Benedict Arnold. When passed over for a promotion and seeking money to maintain his extravagant lifestyle, Arnold offered to surrender the key fort…

True Love Serves

John 13:1-17 The modern world’s version of love is often narcissistic, self-focused, and manipulative. It views others as a means of self-gratification. Relationships between selfish people usually do not last. In sharp contrast to that self-centered kind of love, the Bible teaches that the essence of love is self-sacrifice. Instead of pursuing its own good,…

The Close of Christ’s Public Ministry

John 12:20-50 Jesus came unto His own and His own received Him not (John 1:11), so He went to the Gentiles. The gospel was always intended for the whole world and soon it would be proclaimed to the nations. As we look at the conclusion of Jesus’ public ministry we see first, the Greeks come…