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Looking For Hope?

Hello friend! The Coronavirus pandemic has forced us all to stop and consider our lives. Perhaps you are wrestling with important questions like “What is going to happen to our world?” or “What happens after death?” The Bible answers these questions very clearly. Would you take a few minutes to listen to this conversation with Pastor Heinze as he explains the Bible’s solution to man’s fears?

A Conversation With Pastor Heinze 

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As a local church one of our goals is to provide hope and comfort to our community. We believe that hope is found through the gospel of Jesus Christ. If you received Jesus as your Savior or if you would like to talk further about these things, would you reach out to us? A pastor will get in touch with you to answer your questions. You can reach us by: email (church@rrm.org) or phone M-F (303.922.8301), or by the contact form below.