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Unity Amidst Diversity

Love Without Offending Part 3

Romans 14:14-23 Paul instructs us in this passage how to have unity amidst diversity. We have seen in the first 13 verses of this chapter that we are to receive one another without judging. Paul’s second admonition explains further that we are to love one another without offending. To review, doubtful things are issues where the…

Receive One Another Without Judging-Part 2

Romans 14:1-12 There are all kinds of people in the world and in the church. Some are physically strong while others are not. Some are emotionally sensitive and others are not. Some are very intelligent, while some are mentally challenged. When we come to Christ in salvation it changes our destiny, perspective, relationships but not…

Unity Amidst Diversity Introduction-Part 1

Romans 14:1-15:3 America is a diverse nation. We are made up of various ethnic, economic and religious backgrounds. This diversity is certainly more prominent in some of the older cities back east. When we lived in Milwaukee there was a distinct Germantown, an Italian district, as well as Polish and an African-American section of town.…