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The Spiritual Declension of a Nation

Revival & Reform under Josiah

II Kings 22 & 23 There’s an old saying that goes “When all else fails read the instructions.” King Josiah read God’s instructions and what a difference it made for his kingdom! Josiah reigned for 31 years from 640 – 609 BC. Ancient world powers were changing. Assyria’s capital city, Nineveh, was destroyed in 612…

A Little More Time

II Kings 20 If you search “Life Extension” on the internet a lot of information comes up. There is a Life Extension vitamin line and a variety of Life Extension machines for purchase – some look eerily similar to what was used on Frankenstein! Stem cell therapy is widely used by doctors to heal diseases…

Treason and Triumph in Judah

II Kings 11, 12 Robert Hannsen was an FBI agent who spied for the USSR and Russia for decades. The information he sold over 22 years led to the deaths of hundreds, possibly thousands, of intelligence assets, informants, and even US military personnel and civilians. He also endangered the US national security and thereby the…